Webinar: Meet the Friends & Impacts of Coastal Acidification


Meet the Friends of the Waquoit Bay Reserve

Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00PM

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Bringing to Light the Impacts of Coastal Acidification on Water Quality

Claudia I. Mazur, Ph.D. Candidate

Hear a special presentation from the Reserve’s new Davidson Fellow and how her exciting new research project can benefit Waquoit Bay and other estuaries.

Estuaries are among the most productive marine ecosystems, providing valuable services such as carbon sequestration and essential habitat for economically valuable marine species.

However, human behaviors are altering estuaries with the addition of excess nitrogen. Estuaries provide the unique opportunity to study how coastal acidification alters ecological processes. Claudia’s research aims to better understand how coastal acidification alters nitrogen, phosphorus and iron cycling, by experimentally manipulating pH in the overlying water column of sediment cores collected from Waquoit Bay.

This research will utilize the data from the Waquoit Bay Reserve’s System-Wide Monitoring Program to predict the impact of low pH nutrient cycling processes and future water quality in Waquoit Bay.

Meet the Speaker
Claudia I. Mazur, Ph.D. Candidate
Fulweiler Lab
Earth & Environment, Boston University
NOAA Margaret A. Davidson Fellow

Co-sponsored by the Friends of the Waquoit Bay Reserve and the Waquoit Bay Reserve

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