Using Eco Toilets to Manage Our Wastewater: The Falmouth Initiative

April 5, 2013
Cape Cod Eco-Toilet Center

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The town of Falmouth is currently engaging in a unique project to test the use of eco-toilets as a means of meeting state regulatory requirements for reducing nitrogen loading. This workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about the Falmouth project and wasy it could be applied to different towns.
Workshop Agenda
Why Eco-Toilets (Nick Ashbolt, Ph.D., Univ. of New South Wales-Sydney and Univ. of Cincinnati)
Vision for the Falmouth Eco-Toilet Program (Win Munro, Falmouth Water Quality Management Committee (WQMC))
Getting to Know Eco-Toilets (Matt Patrick, WQMC; Earle Barnhart and Hilde Maingay, The Green Center, Inc.)
The Falmouth Eco-Toilet Demonstration Project (George Heufelder, Barnstable County; Brian Dudley, MA DEP; Sia Karplus, Science Wares, Inc.)
Incorporating Eco-Toilets in Watershed Planning (Erin Jackson, Cape Cod Commission)