Project Title: Corrigendum: Spatial and historic variability of benthic nitrogen cycling in an anthropogenically impacted estuary

Date: 2015

Principal Investigator(s): Foster, S.Q., & Fulweiler, R.W.

Summary: The authors wish to include the following correction based on updated di-nitrogen (N2) gas flux values for three cores included in the original paper (the N2 flux values for the other 38 cores remain unchanged). This update was made in order to be consistent in our N2 flux calculations across all cores. In the three aforementioned cores we originally used a different method to account for the instrument drift of the mass spectrometer during sample analysis. Importantly, the correction of the flux values for these three cores is small and does not change any of our data interpretations. Read full text…Frontiers in Marine Science, 2, 70.