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Interact with Waquoit Bay scientists

Oyster Aquaculture Research Project

Oysters: An Appetizing Solution to Help Restore the Bay

Learn more about oyster farming and how it affects water quality in Waquoit Bay.

Ask our Researchers
Coastal Acidification Research

When Acidity Goes Up, Water Quality Goes Down

You may have heard of ocean acidification but did you know the same process is happening in our coastal waters? What exactly is happening and what does that mean for our water quality?

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Coastal Blue Carbon Research Project

Coastal Blue Carbon: The Coolest Thing You’ve Never Heard of

Can scientists and community members solve problems together? Are salt marshes a carbon bank in our own backyard? And just what exactly is blue carbon?

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Water Quality Monitoring Program

Please Don’t Feed the Algae

What’s changing in our coastal waters? The answer lies in an awful abundance of algae. Join us as we explore Waquoit Bay by boat as our research associate answers your questions based on over twenty years of observations in the bay.

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Sentinel Sites Research Project

Sentinel Sites: Keeping Watch on a Drowning Coast

Our coastal salt marshes are ground zero when it comes to rising seas. Are salt marshes around Waquoit Bay keeping up?

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Red Cedars Research Project

Time Traveling: Ancient Forest Revealed

Take a walk back in time to learn how studying the past can reveal our future.

Ask our Researchers

Internships Open Doors

Internships build knowledge, skills, and connections with the scientific community. Hear directly from a Waquoit Bay Reserve intern about his reflections on the experience.