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Waquoit Bay Reserve’s Education Programs: Remote learning ideas during home schooling

Get Outside and Do Some Real Science
Have students make observations of something in their own yard or that they can see from a window in their house or apartment if getting outside is a problem. It could be a tree or a particular plant, a patch in a perennials garden, a bird feeder, an anthill, or a marsh or water body – whatever is within the student’s view. Then they could make weekly or more often observations – sketch in detail what they see, photos, too, note the date, the time, the weather, temperature, behaviors of any animals they see. Anything they can quantify with the resources they have at hand.  Keeping it simple at first will make it less intimidating for parents and fun and engaging for students. We all know this has the students using the practices of science and who knows what they might discover.

If you’d like a more formal write up of this basic idea with related teaching standards and connections to research happening at the National Estuarine Research Reserves, check out this lesson plan write up starting on page 47 (middle /high school level).

Here are two write ups from teachers who have already been practicing this with their students.
Backyard Environmental Study
Julia West, high school teacher who has been teaching students across the world in Oak Meadow an accredited K-12 distance learning school

Arrival of Spring Backyard Observation Activity
Lucinda Keith, second grade teacher from Bournedale Elementary

Online Data Activities: Bringing Wetlands to Market Carbon Project

Teaching Notes: Getting to the Core of the Matter
Student Pages: Getting to the Core of the Matter

Teaching Notes: Modeling Blue Carbon in Salt Marshes
Student Pages: Modeling Blue Carbon in Salt Marshes

National NOAA/NERRS On-line Activities
Bringing estuaries to you (special weekly feature from the NERRS during this stay at home time)

National Estuary Education Site –

Of special note:
Estuary knowledge quiz
Animation about how estuaries filter runoff  –
Video gallery –
Self-led modules- topics include water quality, sea level rise, and ocean acidification

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