Project Title: Hyperlocal water level monitoring

 Duration: 2011-present

Funding Source: NERRS Science Collaborative and other sources

Principal Investigator(s), institutional affiliation(s), and contact info:

Lead Investigator / onsite-contact: Vitalii Sheremet, Megan Tyrrell

Affiliation: Okeanolog, WBNERR


Project Description: We have been employing a simple and inexpensive system of water level monitoring utilizing a custom built FloatArm water level based on Onset Computer’s HOBO Pendant G accelerometer logger. With funding from the NERRS Science Collaborative, we installed about hundred instruments at seven National Estuarine Research Reserves from Maine to Florida. The monitoring results allow us to characterize different types of flooding and draining at various features in the tidal marshes, which permits analysis of the spatial patterns and timing of inundation in the marsh. Pool drainage rates are often not consistent with those of the larger system and cannot be perfectly predicted by pool bottom elevation. Use of open ocean tide gauges to evaluate inundation periods for marshes could lead to misaligned restoration planning that doesn’t accurately reflect local conditions. The float arm system is efficient for understanding local hydrological conditions at the scale where restoration implementation is conducted. Examples of pertinent applications include runnels, ditch remediation, sediment augmentation and removal or remediation of tidal restrictions.