Project Title: Life’s a Barrier Beach- for moths, ants, bees and other insects.

Date: 5/2019-11/2019

Principal Investigator(s): Mark J. Mello

Affiliations: Lloyd Center for the Environment

Summary: Moths have been under-surveyed Massachusetts’ barrier beach habitats despite its potential to support unique species, including those protected by the sates Endangered Species Act. The goal of this study is to summarize barrier beach/dune use by moths and other insects – primarily beetles, bees and ants in primarily secondary and tertiary dune systems. Data will include records from both published and white paper reports as well as field work described below at two state beaches: Horseneck Beach Reservation and South Cape Beach State Park. A report will be presented to appropriate DCR Supervisors and Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Reserve detailing results, including locations of MESA and other rare species’ habitat locations. As such, this will be an important tool for Park/Reservation managers.