Project Title: Photochemical degradation of dissolved organic carbon at Waquoit Bay

Date: 7/2018-7/2019

Principal Investigator(s): Collin Ward, Sam McNichol

Affiliations: WHOI

Summary: Dissolved organic carbon is a central intermediate in the global carbon cycle. For nearly fifty years we’ve known that sunlight can alter the chemical make-up of dissolved organic carbon, which changes how fast microbes respire it to carbon dioxide. However, very little is known about the rate that this coupled photochemical biological reaction occurs. In this study, we are using Waquoit Bay as a field site to test a new method to quantify photochemical biological dissolved organic carbon degradation. The facility is ideal because (i) it offers easy access to diverse water types (i.e., lake, river, groundwater, estuarine), and (ii) water quality data is continuously monitored.