Project Title: USGS-Woods Hole Spectroradiometer Testing and UAV flights

Duration: (9/22/2021 to 10/29/2021):

Funding Source(s): USGS

Lead Investigator: Jennifer Cramer, USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

Project Description: We plan to conduct a study comparing two spectroradiometer systems: an ASD FieldSpec, the industry standard, against the OceanInsight HDX Mini Spectrometer, a cost-saving alternative.  Spectroradiometers collect surface light reflectance values over a range of wavelengths for whatever material they are aimed at.  Reflectance data of certain wavelengths beyond the visible range, such as infra-red can tell a lot about the health of vegetation.  Reflectance over a range of wavelengths is called spectra.  Surface types reflect unique spectra that can be used in statistical models to generate maps of land cover type from multi- and hyper-spectral aerial imagery.  This is especially useful for scientists at our center that monitor these rapidly changing coastal environments.  Our access to spectroradiometers is limited, which makes timely and accurate spectral analyses difficult.  The motivation for this comparative study is to determine the accuracy and functionality of an affordable alternative so that we can improve our spectral data collection capabilities and products.  We plan to collect side-by-side reflectance datasets that include vegetation, sand, parking areas, and other surface types using these two spectroradiometers.  Additionally, we plan to collect aerial imagery with Unoccupied Aircraft Systems (UAS) concurrently as ancillary data.