2015 Cape Coastal Conference

Managing Coastal Risk: Enhancing Community Resilience in a Changing Climate

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Including Workshops 1 & 2


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Radley Horton

Preparing for Extreme Climate Events – Keynote Address
Dr. Radley Horton, Associate Research Scientist, Center for Climate Systems Research, Columbia University

The Realities of New England Hurricanes
David Vallee, Hydrologist-in-Charge, NOAA/National Weather Service, Northeast River Forecast Center

Economic Impacts from Floods and Solutions That Work
Dr. Mahesh Ramachandran, Environmental Economist, Cape Cod Commission

MORNING PLENARY: State of Our Beaches: Shifting Shorelines, Sediment Management and Coastal Access

Coastal Erosion Commission Findings; Shoreline Change Forecasting
Dr. Rob Thieler, Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey

The Erosion Problem: Physical, Educational, and Regulatory Perspectives
Greg Berman, Coastal Processes Specialist, Woods Hole Sea Grand and Cape Cod Cooperative Extension

Regional Approaches to Coastal Resource Management
Heather McElroy, Natural Resources Specialist, Cape Cod Commission

Dealing with Erosion at Sandy Neck Park: A Local Case Study
Nina Coleman, Sandy Neck Park Manager, Town of Barnstable

Workshop 1: Planning Better and Smarter to Enhance Community Preparedness

Building Resiliency on Cap Cod Using Hazard Mitigation Planning
Dr. Caroline Harper, Planner, Cape Cod Commission
Provincetown Case Study
Richard J. Waldo, DPW Director, Provincetown

Using FEMA’s Community Rating System Program to Enhance Floodplain Management and Save Money
Shannon Jarbeau, CFM, Community Rating System and Floodplain Management Coordinator, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension

Bright Spots and Opportunities for the Transportation Network on Cape Cod
Dr. Caroline Harper, Planner, Cape Cod Commission

Workshop 2: Preparing for Storms and Sea level Rise – Tools to Aid Planning and Flood Response

Our Rising Seas: An Introduction to the Cape Cod Sea Level Rise Viewer Tool
Anne Reynolds, GIS Director, Cape Cod Commission

Where Will the Flood Waters Go? Mapping Flood Pathways to Protect Valuable Coastal Infrastructure
Dr. Mark Borrelli, Director, Sea Floor Mapping Program, Center for Coastal Studies

Responding To a Rising Tide: National Weather Service Mapping Tools and Resources to Support Flood Response
Robert Thompson, Meteorologist-in-Charge, National Weather Service, Taunton

Workshops 3 & 4

Workshop 3: Protecting Key Natural Resources In a Changing Climate

Responding to Inundation from Below: Planning for the Effects of Sea Level Rise on Groundwater
Ed DeWitt, Executive Director, Association to Preserve Cape Cod

Marsh Sustainability in the Face of Sea Level Rise
James Rassman, Acting Manager, Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Planning for the Effects of Climate Change on Shellfishing in Wellfleet Harbor using a Community-Based Approach
Seth Tuler, Associate Teaching Professor, International and Global Studies Division, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Research Fellow, Social and Environmental Research Institute

Workshop # 4: Protecting Public Health in a Changing Climate

Potential Health Impacts of Climate Change
Dr. Shubhayu Saha, Health Scientist and Senior Research Fellow, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Statewide and Regional Capacity of Local Health Departments to Prepare for Health Impacts of Climate Change
Margaret M. Round, Chief of Air Toxics, Environmental Toxicology Program, Bureau of Environmental Health, MA DPH

In Hot Pursuit: What Are We Learning About Mosquito and Tick Abundance and Distribution on Cape Cod
Gabrielle Sakolsky, Staff Entomologist and Assistant Superintendent, Cape Cod Mosquito Control Project
Larry Dapsis, Deer Tick Project Coordinator and Entomologist, Barnstable County Cooperative Extension

Fighting the Rising Tide: Diminished Septic System Performance Due to Climate Change
Jennifer Cooper, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Rhode Island

AFTERNOON PLENARY: Using Nature-Based Approaches to Enhance Resilience – Lessons from Local Projects

Demonstration of Living Shoreline Technology & Development of Ribbed Mussel Seed Production to Protect & Restore Salt Marsh in Coastal MA
Rick Karney, Director and Shellfish Biologist, Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group

Shoreline Stabilization of North Barnstable Public Beaches Using Bioengineering Solutions
Christine Player, Senior Project Manager/Engineer, CLE Engineering

Lessons Learned From Green Infrastructure Projects in Massachusetts
Patricia Bowie, Coastal Resiliency Specialist, Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management

Best Practices for Communicating Vulnerability and Risk and Engaging the Community

Evolution of the Public Process in Brewster: the Breakwater Beach Experience & Lessons Learned
Chris Miller, Natural Resources Director, Town of Brewster

Enhancing Community Readiness to Adapt: Strategies for Education, Engagement, and Risk Management
Dr. Danya Rumore, Associate Director, Environmental Dispute Resolution Program, University of Utah

Resilience Spotlight – Cape Communities in Action
Tonna-Marie Rogers, Coastal Training Program Coordinator, Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve