2014 Cape Coastal Conference

State of the Cape: Implementing Strategies To Improve Water Quality & Build Coastal Resilience

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Day One
June 5, 2014

Keynote Address: Getting to Clean Water – An Imperative for a Sustainable and Vibrant Cape Economy
Dorothy A. Savarese, Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
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The Cape Cod Approach: Solving Our Biggest Environmental Problem
Paul Niedzwiecki, Cape Cod Commission
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An Integrated Nutrient Management Approach for Cape Cod-Applying Non-Traditional Technologies (Green Infrastructure)
Scott Horsley, Horsley Witten Group

Reaching Watershed Nitrogen Removal Targets: How Far Can Innovative and Alternative Onsite Septic Systems Get Us
George Heufelder, Barnstable County Department of Health & the Environment

2014 Coastal Conference poster session

Poster session

Streamlining Regulatory Review for Targeted Watershed Management Plans

Kristy Senatori, Cape Cod Commission

Update on State Guidance for Alternative Nitrogen Reduction Strategies
Vandana Rao, MA Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs

Effecting Successful Inter-Municipal Collaboration
Kristy Senatori, Cape Cod Commission

Lessons Learned from A Legacy Inter-Municipal Agreement for Bourne and Wareham
Thomas Guerino, Town of Bourne

The Orleans Brewster Eastham Groundwater Protection District: A Local Case Study for Inter-Municipal Cooperation
Sims McGrath, Town of Orleans

Legal Strategies for Implementing Regional Wastewater Solutions
John W. Giorgio, Esq., Kopelman and Paige

Town-Wide Strategies for Protecting and Restoring Fresh Water Ponds in Brewster
Mark Nelson, Horsley Witten Group

Pond Remediation Case Study-Chatham: Assessment & Selection of Alum Treatment for Lovers Lake & Stillwater Pond
Robert Duncanson, Town of Chatham

Preserving Local Control and Lower Cost Options for Nutrient Management District of Critical Planning Concern
Jon Idman, Cape Cod Commission

Green Stormwater Infrastructure in New England – A Current Assessment
Rich Claytor, Horsley Witten Group

Enhancing Nitrogen Removal in Stormwater BMPs: Latest Research Findings
James Houle, UNH Stormwater Center

Case Study: Shoestring Bay Stormwater Remediation Project, Mashpee
Catherine Laurent, Town of Mashpee

Nitrogen Uptake in Shellfish: Local Research Findings & Potential Applications
Josh Reitsma, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension & Woods Hole Sea Grant

Impact of Ocean Acidification on Shellfish: Results from Local Research in Waquoit Bay
Dr. Daniel McCorkle, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Water Quality Results from a Two-Acre Oyster Restoration Pilot Project, Wellfleet, MA
Curt Felix, Town of Wellfleet

Regulation & Permitting of Aquaculture in Massachusetts
Kathryn Laurent, MA Division of Fisheries

Day 2
June 6, 2014

Keynote Address 1: Regional Climate Change in New England: Update from the National Climate Assessment
Dr. Scott Doney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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Keynote Address 2: Resilience: To What End?
Dr. Jeff Payne, NOAA Coastal Services Center
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Climate Trends in New England and Its Impact on Storm Behavior; Riverine and Coastal Flood Impacts
David Vallee, NOAA/NWS/Northeast River Forecast Center

Enhancing Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Systems
Sean O’Brien, Barnstable County Emergency Management Committee

2014 Coastal Conference Terra Systems

The Economics of Coastal Vulnerability and Adaptation: Choices and Tradeoffs (Presentation not available)
Dr. Rob Johnston, Clark University

Dealing with Erosion: The Spectrum of Coastal Erosion Control Methods
Greg Berman, Woods Hole Sea Grant & Cape Cod Cooperative Extension
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Adaptation Case Study: Using Managed Retreat to Address Coastal Erosion in Brewster
Chris Miller, Town of Brewster

Coastal Resilience Grant Programs: Supporting Local Adaptation Efforts
Julia Knisel, MA Office of Coastal Zone Management
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Implementation of an Innovative Tool for Cape and Island Towns – Falmouth’s Black Beach-Sippewisett Marsh District of Critical Planning Concern
Elizabeth Gladfelter, Town of Falmouth

2014 Coastal Conference

Surging Seas Risk Finder for Massachusetts: A New Sea Level Risk Web Tool
Dan Rizza, Climate Central

Preparing for Sea Level Rise and Climate Change at a Community and Individual Asset Scale
Kirk Bosma, Woods Hole Group
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  • Tay Evans (Division of Marine Fisheries)
  • Tonna Marie Rogers (WBNERR) & Paul Niedzwiecki (CCC)
  • Vandana Rao (EOEEA)
  • 3 Bays Preservation
  • Betsy Gladfelter (Town of Falmouth)
  • Curt Felix (Town of Wellfleet)
  • David Vallee (NOAA NWS Northeast River Forecast Center)
  • Dr. Jeff Payne (NOAA Coastal Services Center)
  • Dr. Scott Doney
  • Greg Berman (WHOI Sea Grant)
  • Herb Heidt and Pat Hughes
  • James Houle (UNH Stormwater Center)
  • John W. Giorgio Esq
  • Josh Reitsma (Cape Cod Cooperative Ext)
  • Julian Suso (middle) Town of Falmouth
  • Larry Ballentine (Town of Harwich)
  • MT Environmental Restoration & Terra Systems
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  • Rich Claytor, Horsley Witten Group
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