2017 Cape Coastal Conference

Resilient Cape? Prepare • Adapt • Restore

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Day One
Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Patty Doerr, The Nature Conservancy, New Jersey

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Framing Coastal Risk and Resilience: Understanding What’s at Stake and Preparing for the Future
Dr. Erika Lentz, Research Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey Coastal and Marine Science Center, Woods Hole

Understanding the Links Between Development Decisions, Planning, and Community Resilience: What Sandy Taught New Jersey and Transferable Lessons for Cape Cod
David Kutner, Planning Manager, NJ Future

Investing in Coastal Ecosystems for Resilient Communities
Patty Doerr, Director of Coastal and Marine Programs, The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey

Harvey, Irma, Maria, Oh My! What If It Happened Here?

A Panel Discussion on Flood Risk, Vulnerability, and How Cape Communities Can Better Prepare to Deal with Impacts of Storms & Flooding
Flood Risk – David Vallee, Hydrologist-in-Charge, NOAA/NWS/Northeast River Forecast Center
Floodplain Management – Joy Duperault, State Floodplain Manager, Director of Flood Hazard Management Program, MA Department of Conservation and Recreation
Planning – Ryan Bennett, Town Planner, Town of Brewster
Public Works & Engineering – Rob Steen, Asst. Director, Dept. of Public Works, Town of Barnstable
Emergency Management– Phil Burt, Emergency Management Preparedness Assistant, Barnstable County Dept. of Health and the Environment and Regional

John Vokey, Murray & MacDonald Insurance Company

John Vokey, Murray & MacDonald Insurance Company

Emergency Management Committee
Insurance – John Vokey, Risk Management Specialist – Murray & MacDonald, Insurance Company

Business Readiness – Wendy Northcross, Exec. Director, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

Bend Not Break: Making Room to Adapt in a Changing Climate

All Adaptation is Local

Town of Brewster Case Study – Developing a Consensus-Based Coastal Adaptation Strategy and Next Steps
Pat Hughes, Chair, Brewster Coastal Committee

Martha’s Vineyard Case Study Squibbnocket Parking Lot and Access Way Coastal Resilience Project
Chuck Hodgkinson, Project Manager, Town of Chilmark

Challenges and Lessons Learned from Planning and Implementing Local Adaptation Projects
Steve McKenna, Regional Coordinator, Cape Cod & Islands, MA Office of Coastal Zone Management

Using Natural and Nature-Based Infrastructure for Coastal Protection

Can We Protect New England Coasts with Living Shorelines? Part I: State of the Practice – Why, Who, How and What’s Next
Steve Kirk, The Nature Conservancy

Can We Protect New England Coasts with Living Shorelines? Part II: Design and Use of Profiles and the Applicability Index and Local Case Studies 
Elise LeDuc, Woods Hole Group

Key Considerations for Living Shoreline Projects
Seth Wilkinson, Restoration Ecologist, President, Wilkinson Ecological Design, Inc.

Coastal Wetlands on the Frontlines

Opportunities for Salt Marsh Migration on Cape Cod
Dr. Jo Ann Muramoto, Association to Preserve Cape Cod

Carbon Storage and Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Local Tidal Wetlands: Implications for Climate Mitigation and Coastal Resilience
Dr. Kevin Kroeger, U.S. Geological Survey Coastal and Marine Science Center, Woods Hole


Megan Tyrrell, Waquoit Bay Reserve

Increasing Salt Marsh Resilience in the Face of Sea Level Rise – Investigating Thin Layer Deposition (Sediment Augmentation) as A New Management Technique
Dr. Megan Tyrrell, Research Coordinator, Waquoit Bay NERR

Exploring Marine Renewable Energy Options

Overview of Marine Renewable Energy Activities in Massachusetts
Bruce Carlisle, Director, Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management

The Cape Cod Canal and Muskeget Channel Tidal Turbine Projects
John Miller, Executive Director, Marine Renewable Energy Collaborative of New England


Keynote: Dr. Jerry Mitrovica, Harvard University

KEYNOTE: Sea Level Rise – Latest Research Findings and Implications for Cape Cod
Dr. Jerry Mitrovica, Harvard University

The Resilient Cape Cod Project
Heather McElroy, Natural Resources/Land Protection Specialist, Cape Cod Commission

Beyond Climate and Weather Data: Integrating Broader Social, Economic and Community Issues into Long-Term Resilience Planning

The Cape Cod Blue Economy Project, Phase 2: Action!
The Blue Economy Progect – Video
Leslie-Ann McGee, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

How Do We Meet Housing Needs Whilst Considering Wise Floodplain Management and Changing Risks?
Heather Harper, Community Design and Affordable Housing Specialist, Cape Cod Commission

Sharks on the Cape
Feeding Research Into A Bigger Conversation on Ecosystem Dynamics & Community Needs – Megan Winton, Researcher, SMAST, UMass Dartmouth

Day Two
Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tighe Bond

Enhancing Community Resilience by Restoring Degraded Ecosystems: Restoration Needs and Opportunities on the Cape
April Wobst, Restoration Ecologist & Director of the Restoration Center, Association to Preserve Cape Cod

Case Study: The Coonamassett River Restoration Project Presentation
Restoring a River: Bringing back the Coonamessett – Video
Betsy Gladfelter, Project Coordinator and Conservation Commissioner, Town of Falmouth

Case Study: The Muddy Creek Restoration Project
Dr. Robert Duncanson, Director of Health and Natural Resources, Town of Chatham

Using Ecosystem Assessments to Guide Development of Coastal Resilience Strategies: Pleasant Bay Case Study
Owen Nichols, Director, Marine Fisheries Research, Center for Coastal Studies

The Value of Long-Term Monitoring for Guiding Restoration Efforts: Warming Trends and Water Quality
Jennie Rheuban, Research Associate III, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


Rick York, Town of Mashpee

Pond Restoration and Elimination of Cyanobacteria Blooms
Rick York, Director, Department of Natural Resources, Town of Mashpee

Restoring Water Quality through Improved Stormwater Management
The Cape Cod Stormwater Coalition – Dr. Robert Duncanson, Director of Health and Natural Resources, Town of Chatham